Vattavilai a fertile village is situated in the southern part of Vilavancode Taluk of the Kanyakumari District of Tamilnadu State. It lies between (8)71/2 North Latitude and 77 8’ east longtitude. It is bounded by the Maruthancode Village of its North. It is a part of Pacode Panchayat Union.

            Vattavili is comprised the half of pacode village Panchayat. It is situated Near Melpuram a big city of our region. It is a village, covered with a vast area about ten square miles. It is known from ancestor that the name Vattavilai derived because of its circle (round) size area.


                        Vattavilai on the western Ghats of Truvangore enjoys medium temperature and warm humidity. It receives a share of both the South West monsoons between January and June and the North-East monsoons between October and November. Generally this area has a scanty rainfall but the place gets torrential rains occasionally.

                        The summer is perhaps the driest part of the year. In February humidity is at its lowest. But nights are often accompanies by good showers. The people of the Vtvi. commence their agricultural operation during this period.


                        According to 2001 census the population of this area is 4092. The people of Vtvi. belong to different castes like the Nadars, Nairs, Parayas and Brahimins.


                        Tamil and Malayalam are the main language of this area. Tamil is the language of the majority people of Vtvi. Most of the people know Tamil, Malayalam & English to read write and speak.


                        The main occupation of the people is agriculture. Plantain is the main crop in this region. Land in this region differs in its fertility and offer ample scope for the production of various agricultural products. Along with plantain, paddy, tapioca and vegetables are also cultivated. The soil of this region is specially fit for Jack Fruit and Tamarind trees.

                        Rubber is cultivated in about 26.48% hectares of the land. Only 10% the total land in the area is used for wet cultivation and 32.6% is used for coconut cultivation the remaining 57.4 of the land is dry and it is used on house sites, streets and laying roads.

                        A scanty number of the villagers have been employed in the Government officers from this area. The people earned their income b engage themselves in small bricks industries, rubber tapping and rearing domestic animal. On the whole the area in the KK Dist. Is a flourishing village where people of several castes live peacefully & practicing different occupations.



                        Life style of the people at Vattavilai area is varies from family to family and community. In the similar way their house style also varies according to the wealth and occupation. In the modern days most of the houses terraced.


                        The people of this area is broadly divided into two religious groups. The are Hindus and Christians. Christianity spread in this region after the establishment of the work of the London Missionary Society. Hinduism is the major religion of the people in this area. The live peacefully with a spirit of tolerance.


                        Social condition underwent rapid changes during the early period. The entire society was divided into families. Joint family system prevailed during the early period. Caste system continued to exist in the society. The people following the cast systems rigidly. The people of Vattavilai belong to different religions, caste and languages, they have social and communal harmony.


                        All the festivals are celebrated in this area. Various celebrations are going in the temples and churches throughout the year. The KrishnaJayanthi festival of July in the Krishnan Kovil (Kannapuram) is a famous in every respect.

                        Pongal, Onnam and Deepavali are most important festivals among the Hindu Communities. The Malayallees as well as local Tamil people are being celebrated Onam festival in a good manner.


                        The people of this area practice monogamy ceremonies connected with marriage which differs from community to community.  Comprising the horoscope of the bride and bridegroom is a common rite among the Hindus and a few Christians. Wearing ‘Tali’ by the bride is accepted practice among all sections of society.

                        For the Christians Tali wearing ceremony is take place in inside Church while their marriages. It formed the most important part of their wedding ceremonies. The Tali used by them have a cross in father in the presence of kith and kin affirms the marriage. Inter-cast marriage is not permitted. But inter religious marriages are accepted. Marriages between cross cousins are encouraged and unparallel cousins are discouraged in all the communities.



                        This school was started as a primary school in the year -----. Students of different castes and religions are benefited here. The classes commence at 9.30 am and ends at 4 pm daily. To make teaching effective, different subjects are taught through songs and dances. Teachers attended all the training programmes prescribed by the Government Educational Institution. School students used to wear Khaki trouser and white colored shirt with blue ties. Every Monday the National flag will be hoisted, students recite Tirukural and say useful proverbs and read the news.

                        The free books supplied by the government are given to the student at the prescribed time. Free noon-meals plan is functioning well in the school students write monthly and quarterly exams.


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