History of Vattavilai Area

      Vattavilai a fertile village is situated in the southern part of Vilavancode Taluk of the Kanyakumari District in Tamilnadu State. It lies between 8º 71/2 North Latitude and 77 8º east longtitude. It is bounded by the Maruthancode Village in its North. It is a part of Pacode Panchayat union For more details click here..   

Green field Photos & Flood Scenes.                          

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 Green Field Photos....

Even as normal life was affected in Vattavilai area and Kanyakumari Dist. due to continuous rain on 7/12/2010. Reports said several ponds, Kanmois, Houses and Roads had been breached. The heavy flow of water along the course of the Thamiraparani, consistent rain and poor condition of bunds were said to be the reason for the breaches. The water stored in the Kanmois had entered the nearby plantain fields, paddy fields, roads, houses and open areas. The highest amount of rainfall was recorded at Paechipari. The damage was worth Rs. 75 crore. Relief assitance to the tune of Rs 5 crore has been disbursed to KK Dist. If you failed to see flood affected areas in our area. We have collected and uploaded those pictures for our readers. To catch these pictures click the below link...

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Youth Sports Club Vattavilai.

We (YSCV) feel proud in having contact with you. We have decided to organize several sporting events & cultural programs at Vattavilai junction in view of Youth Sports Club’s 6th year celebration. On 26/1/'11 is a Red Letter Day in history not only to India but also Youth Sports Club of  Vattavilai.. www.Vattavilai.webs.com is the official website partner of YOUTH SPORTS CLUB for their all events.

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 Your kind support and encouragements will help us to enhance our program in a high value. So we request all of you to participate & entertain our programs without fail. Volleyball match won 


Chitharal Jain Temple

Renowned Chief Ministers of TN.

Melpuram Govt.School & St.Xavier  Catholic church Vattavilai

Kannapuram Krishnan Temple

         Even though we attempted to obtain sources about Kannapuram Temple we failed to get the history of this Temple. However we able to portray theTemple photos alone. If our readers have an intention to give any sources to us regarding to Kannapuram Temple, we will display it after scrutinized  over by the Temple authority.


paruthivilai pond & Aalambarai pond

Vattavilai's Pond (land mark of Vtvi.)

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 This pond is lying at the heart of Vattavilai area. There is a story to tell with you. Once 2 Elephants had been immersed into the water owing to sudden appearing of a demon from the pond. As the demon swallowed the Elephants people afraid of taking bath in the pond. Hence it is  known as Anattam Kulam. But some mysterious deaths are happening frequently during the nights. Now people swim, dive, taking bath  washing their clothes & cleaning conveyances round the clock without giving any importance to the legend. Perennial stagging water is its one of the uniqueness. Have you Ever taken bath in this pond? If no come now! called by "Annatam Kulam" Come on.

Brooks at Vtvi.

Genuine photos of small streams  from the interior part of Vtvi. has been hoisted to cool  your chilly eyes....... 

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